Its important to use the Good Quality Glass for chemical Reactions.  While performing Reactions in Glass Reactors, Glass vessels when change over of products and cleaning will extract certain elements which should be in low levels.  In case of extractables limits go higher than the specified the reaction mass may have risk of getting reacted with these extractables if in higher level and may result over a period of usage in batch failures. We often see chemists complaining about the batch failures after running couple of campaigns. In order to address this Chemists should use Good quality Glass with lowest leaching properties.

Good Quality Glass may initially be costlier for production but it would save your time and the chemicals cost resulting in the batch failures.

All the Glass components of Ace Glass reactors are made  from borosilicate, type I, conforming to DD-G-541B and ASTM E-438. Manufactured by Corning (7740), Kimble (KG-33) or Schott-Duran USP compliant which ensure the top quality of the Glass and batch to batch reproducibility and saving money and time.

In case of the Jacketed Reactors, If the jacket & Vessel  is sealed with Gaskets (PTFE,Viton or any other material) operating at variable temperature may lead to contract and expansion of these Gaskets and hence may potentially give a risk of leakages. Also the vapor pressure developed in the jacket  may result in potential damage of the flask.

Ace Glass reactors have ALL GLASS JACKET fused to inner vessel with out any sealing material and have been designed for turbulent flow in the jacket and ensuring uniform temperature transfer across the vessel and Jacket when connected to single fluid thermostat.

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