The Series 700 sanitary pressurizable mixer evolved because of the unique need for an even more compact sanitary mixer for use under pressure or vacuum.

The compact size fits within the close proximities of mountings for the engineered small capacity mixing vessel openings, top mounted gauges and sight glasses. Fully operable under pressure, this mixer can be customized to fit both pressure vessels, (pressurized, ASME rated tanks) or nutsche-filter dryers.

Series 700 Chemical Mixer Specifications:

Wetted Material: 316-L stainless steel

Vessel Connection: 1.0” Sanitary Clamp fitting standard, other available

Shaft: ½” diameter, detachable “pool-cue” style available

Impeller: Marine type standard, turbine, hydrofoil. Other per application. Mounted with set screws or welded and polished.

Motor Mount: Standard or quick removal type (for autoclaving, etc.)

Motors: Electric or Air, direct or gearmotors, other per application (XP, ATEX, etc.)

Optional: Digital RPM indicator, other custom accessories and modifications.

Seal Specifications:

Version: Balanced mechanical seal, single dry running version (carbon primary ring, tungsten carbide mating ring). Double dry running mechanical seal also available.

Materials: 316-L Stainless Steel standard. Hastelloy and other Alloys available. Teflon and other coatings available.

Maximum Operating Speed: 1,000 rpm

Pressure Rating: Full vacuum to 50 psig (greater pressure with alternate seal types)

Operating Temp: -40°F to 350°F

Seal Life: 5,000 hours (estimated)