Wiped-Film Stills & Wiped-Film Evaporators

Wiped-Film Short-Path Distillation and Evaporation Process

Pope Scientific designs and fabricates basic to complex systems using the Wiped-Film Distillation process (also called Thin-Film Distillation, Short Path Distillation, and Short Path Evaporation) for stills, evaporators and hybrid configurations that include fractional columns with wiped-film distillation units, centrifugal molecular distillation units, vacuum distillation, condensers, evaporation and processing vessels that meet our customer’s application requirements, with superior results.

Equipment for Molecular Distillation Under High Vacuum

Pope Scientific Wiped-Film Stills (WFS) and Wiped-Film Evaporators (WFE) successfully separate volatile from less volatile components for Oils, Fats, Chemicals, Polymers, Nutraceuticals, Fragrances, etc., with a gentle process utilizing the thin-film wiping action of feed liquid through a heated cylindrical vacuum chamber with high vacuum (i.e. vacuum distillation/evaporation).

Superior Distillation Process For Liquid Separation and Chemical Purification

Efficient thermal separation with minimum product decomposition and maximum product quality are results you can expect using this Wiped Film-Short Path process for distillation, evaporation, concentration, separation, purification or deodorization. The Wiped-Film distillation process offers far superior performance to flash evaporators, falling film stills, rotary evaporators and similar equipment, in any processing application where heat sensitivity is a factor.

Keys to the superiority of this process include:

  • Short residence time of the feed liquid
  • Significantly lowered temperature due to high vacuum capability
  • Optimal efficiency in mass and heat transfer

The brief (seconds) exposure of feed liquid to heated walls is due in part to the slotted wiper design which forces the liquid downward with strict control of residence time, film thickness, and flow characteristics.

High quality components, state-of-the-art fittings and materials, and total quality control during all phases of design, fabrication and testing result in processing equipment offering the highest performance possible.

Download Pope Scientific Wiped-Film Stills PDF. It is an introduction on the molecular background, brief operating description and includes molecular distillation unit applications.