compact sanitary pressurizable mixers

The compact pressurizable Series 600 mixer is the ideal choice for those less demanding applications and where space is at a premium.

As with all Pope mixers, you may select from a wide range of motors, seals, impellers and other options to match your exact application needs.

Series 600 Specifications:

Wetted Material: 316 stainless steel

Vessel Connection: 2″ sanitary clamp standard, others available

Shaft: 1/2 diameter (detachable ‘pool cue’ type available)

Impeller: Marine type standard. Turbine, hydrofoil, Cowles, others available per application (mounted with set screws or welded, ground and polished)

Motor Mount: Standard or quick removal type (for autoclaving, etc.)

Motors: Electric or air, direct or gearmotors, other per application (XP, ATEX, etc.)

Optional: Digital RPM indicator, other custom accessories and modifications.

Version: Type 2106 single, bellows mechanical seal

Seal Specifications:

Materials: Viton elastomers (Buna, EPDM available) Carbon primary ring, ceramic mating ring

Max Operating Speed: 1,000 rpm (max recommended operating speed)

Max Seal Pressure: 75 psi

Operating Temp: -20° F to 300° F

Seal Life: 5,000 hours (estimated)