Fully customized, this larger mixer is designed, engineered and built to your mixing application. Contact us for more information.


Wetted Material: 316 -stainless steel standard. Hastelloy C and other materials available. Teflon and other coatings available

Vessel Connections: 3″ 150lb ANSI flange or other per application

Bearings: High performance permanent lubricated type. Protected from mechanical seal by Teflon lip seal

Shaft: 1-3/8″ diameter shaft standard or detachable “pool-cue” style

Impeller: Marine type standard Turbine, hydrofoil and other per application Mounted with set screws or welded and polished

Motor Mount: Standard or quick removal type (for autoclaving, etc.)

Motors Available: AC or DC Electric and Air motors Direct Drive or Gear Reduced with choice of speed ranges Permanent or Variable speed Explosion Proof or other per application

Cooling I Lubricator Features: All Teflon lip seal protecting ball bearing Three 1/4″ NPT side ports for non-pressurized liquid or gas cooling and debris removal

Motors: Electric or air, direct or gearmotors, other per application (XP, ATEX, etc.)

Optional: Digital RPM indicator

Seal Specifications:

Version: Type 32 dry running mechanical seal with debris well option

Material Specifications: 316 stainless steel or Hastelloy hardware Viton elastomers (Kalrez and others per application) F32 carbon primary ring, tungsten carbide mating ring

Max Operating Speed: 1,000 RPM.

Max Allowable Seal Pressure: Full Vacuum to 150 PSIG

Seal Max Operating Temperature: +450°F

Seal Min Operating Temperature: -20°F