Most of the time Chemists and Chemical Engineers has difficulty in filtration of the Reaction Mass as they have to transfer the same to another Filtration Funnels or use ANFD. This will not only make the loss of product during the transfer but also contamination of the products, especially for high value and low volume products.

It would hence be ideal to carry out multi step Reactions and filtration in the same vessel to avoid contamination, exposure to air and getting good quality final product.

Ace Glass has Filter Reactors which use Rugged, heavy wall reactor with 60mm, 100mm, or 150mm Duran® style top flange with O‑Ring groove at top, for connection to heads, with quick-release clamp.  The Bottom has an Ace‑Thred (internal glass thread) for installing  (#50) or (#80) bottom adapter with filter support and drain valve. Head has three 24/40 joints on 60mm size; four 24/40 joints on 100mm and 150mm sizes.

Major Design Features

– 100mL to 6000mL standard Scalable to 150 Liters

Unjacketed or Jacketed

-All inert materials

-Reactions at ambient or pressure conditions

-Filtering by vacuum and/or pressure

-Removable/changeable filters, poly screen or glass, wide choice of porosities

-Mechanical agitation

-Inert bottom drain valve

-Easy assembly/disassembly for cleaning

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