Ace Glass offers a variety of Ultrasonic Processing products and systems that cover a wide range of applications, including: life sciences, nanotechnology, emulsions, soil testing, environmental sample processing, cell culture, cell disruption, sonochemistry, and drug development. They can also be used for general super-mixing applications in liquid processing where a very small sample is needed, or where the sample is hard to mix or insert into a solution or dispersion. Ace takes the application one step further, as we add our glass expertise and our Ace-Threds to make glass vessels to match the horn selection. Add a power supply for a complete system, or a reactor for sample ultramixing and liquid processing.
About Ultrasonics
The Ultrasonic power supply converts 50/60Hz voltage to high frequency electrical energy. This alternating current voltage is applied to disc-shaped, ceramic, piezoelectric crystals within the converter head, causing them to expand and contract with each change of polarity. These longitudinal vibrations are amplified by the horn and transmitted into the liquid mixture as alternating high and low pressure ultrasonic waves. The pressure fluctuations pull the liquid molecules apart, creating millions of micro-bubbles (cavities), which expand during the low pressure phases and implode violently during the high pressure phases. As the bubbles collapse, millions of shock waves, micro-streams, eddies, and extremes in pressure and temperature are generated at the implosion sites. This phenomenon, known as cavitation, lasts but a few microseconds, and while the amount of energy released by each bubble is minimal, the cumulative amount of energy generated is extremely high. This process is self-stimulating because the imploding bubbles create new sites for bubbles to form. The high shear energy delivered is maximized near the tip of the horn, and also decreases the farther the tip is from the solution.
Ultrasonic Processing
Applications for Ultrasonic Processing:
• Cell Culture
• Soil Sample Prep
• Nanotechnology
• Drug Development
• Agriculture
• Sonochemistry
• Super Mixing
• Colloids, Dispersions
• Emulsions
• Homogenization
• Tissue or Cell Disruption
• Photochemistry




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