PRESSURE TUBES 150psig @ 120°CThese heavy wall tubes are unique in that Ace-Threds allow for easy closing of plugs, whichare reusable. The plugs have O-rings for assurance of a tight seal by simply hand tightening.The tubes are offered in several lengths with #7, #15, #25, or #36 Ace-Threds. They can becustom fabricated in various lengths and diameters, if needed.
For pressure work, a “Front Seal” plug (5846) is recommended. “Back Seal” plugs (8545)are also available, if preferred. Tubes have a pressure rating of 150psig at 120°C.Complete items include Glass Tube and PTFE Plug with FETFE® O-Ring.Note: Also available, as an option, for monitoring purposes, the tubes can be assembled with a stainlesssteel, 0-160psig pressure gauge (previous page) using a 5844 Adapter in place of the 5845 or 5846Plugs. Stainless steel tube extensions are offered to allow use of the tube in a furnace




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